O, Great Spirit, at thy call, With thy vision light our eyes, For the beauty through each day,
 We have pledged our youth, Show thy heights above, Joy and friendship true,
 Ever climbing one and all. Grant us wisdom, thou art wise Gifts of thine along the way,
 Seek eternal truth, Teach us thy great love, Hear our thanks anew,
With thy standards at our side, Consecrate our aim sincere, When we gain the farthest height,
 Bound by purpose high, Cleanse, each inmost soul, By thy wisdom taught.
Thou, Great Spirit, be our guide, O, Great Spirit, be thou near, We shall find thee, truth and light,
 Where the way may lie. Distant shines the  goal. Thou art all we sought.

Music by Dorothy Naylor (Mother of Lee Gideon)                                                  Words by Doris Allen