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A number of our classmates have written books or other works 
and we will list them here as we obtain information on them.
It turns out in constructing this page and reading some of their books, 
that we have some very smart and articulate classmates 
and if you haven't read their books I suggest you do so.


Your web master will not have read all that are listed but when he has done so 
and has observations he will put in his comments.

In the meantime, don't assume that we know what you have written. 
If you have something you would like to present for inclusion by all means let us know.

You can do so by sending us an email at

The first book is written by classmate Brigadier General Edward Wheeler. 
It is a book that is now in university libraries and is used in teaching in some universities. 

It is a wonderful document telling of the incredibly thoughtless and stupid ways in which we sent our fighting men and women into Somalia. 
Don't worry about your political persuasion, both Republican and Democrat presidents were inexcusably not worthy of being called Commander in Chief.

You will be amazed that General Wheeler was able to put together all the information and you should know that it is not hearsay, he was using actual memos and diplomatic communications, so you don't have to worry about it just being his opinion.


It is a hard book to put down right from the start. You will find that whatever you thought you knew from "Blackhawk Down" or from the national news, you didn't know much anything.

Ed's book never broke 100 on the New York Times best seller list, but it should have.

It is appropriate to note that copies of this book are in the libraries of the four United States Military Academies (West Point, Annapolis, Air Force, and the Coast Guard), the Virginia Military Institute, 
the Citadel in South Carolina, Texas A&M, and at the New Mexico Military Institute.  
It has also been used as a textbook at several civilian colleges and universities 
(ie: Ball State, University of Maine, etc.).

It is to date, the only comprehensive history of Operations Restore and Continue Hope in Somalia.
Because of the ensuing operations that have occurred since then, it is unlikely that there will ever be another work on this subject again that will encompass as much as does this book regarding the events 
that occurred on the Horn of Africa from 1992-94.

I strongly recommend you buy his book.

The publisher has agreed to sell the books to you at a special rate of $15.95 
with shipping and handling included.

You can buy his book directly from the publisher at:

Dept 4 (1P) DTH
Consolidated Press Inc.
164 Cedar Creek Estates
Locust Grove, OK   74352

I note that the first printing was in hardback and subsequent printings were in paperback.
At this moment the publisher has only a limited number of hardbacks left.
All the paperbacks in the second printing have been

Books by Robert Andrews

Mr. Andrews a friend for years has been a most prolific writer of books for Christian spiritual guidance in our lives. He definitely is the classmate with the most published books and with his other professional work, he must be a very organized and carefully scheduled man.


1. The Family, God’s Weapon for Victory

The Family, God’s Weapon for Victory is an encyclopedia of information about how to move your family toward being what the title declares, including a theology of family, the husband-wife relationship and training children from birth to marriage. Filled with illustrations from the author’s own life, including his myriad failures, the book is a fascinating read. Now in its third edition, this book has been a favorite in the home school community for the last 15 years.

“This book covers the full gamut of topics important to families: Biblical roles for husbands and wives, the role of families in the kingdom of God , sex and lust, finding a mate, raising children, and so forth. All of it is filled with practical, Scriptural advice and (brutally honest) examples from Andrews’ own life. This is definitely a quality book, one of the best on developing a vision for the family.”

— D.N., Texas      


2. Tasting New Wine, the Cure for Religion

Paul wrote Galatians to combat the Judaizers, Jews who had believed in Jesus, but who brought along with their new-found faith in Jesus Christ a belief that it was necessary to continue to do certain religious duties they had performed under Judaism. They were attempting to "balance" Paul’s message of the free grace of God with their system of religious works.  These Judaizers were not non-Christians but respected members of the church in Jerusalem . They had genuinely believed in Jesus Christ, but their gospel was not Paul’s gospel of the "New Wine" of the grace of God.  Paul wrote Galatians to set the record straight.

Present-day Judaizers are currently alive and well in the church, dressed in 21st century garb, substituting today’s brand of religious performance for the performance issues of Paul's day. The Apostle exposes the Judaizer's "gospel" for what it is--a works-based salvation. Robert combines verse by verse insight with 21st century application to make Galatians come alive. In Tasting New Wine he demonstrates that Paul's exposé is just as applicable and necessary today as in the 1st century.  


3. A Glorious Church – Attacking the Gates of Hell

The new wine of the gospel of the grace of God needs a new wineskin, the church, to contain it. What does the Bible say about the nature of that new wineskin and how it should function? Too often we have simply followed the preceding generation in the way we have church rather than looking to the Scripture for our pattern.

This book will be a very stimulating and thought-provoking study for the sincere Christian, but it may be an uncomfortable one as well, and it certainly will be controversial. We resist being challenged to move out of our comfort zones, even if that challenge is to more properly align ourselves with the Bible.

But if you are the reader who suspects that there is more to church than you are currently experiencing and who longs to be a part of such a church, this book may be exactly what you have been seeking.  


4. “…And the Glory of the Lord Filled the Temple – The Holy Spirit Alive in His Church

When the Holy Spirit is not ignored today, He is invariably the subject of much controversy. If Christianity is indeed primarily an experience with the living God as Paul discovered on the road to Damascus , and we know the reality of God in our lives by the Holy Spirit, Satan would be well served if he could muddy the waters in our understanding of Him. Robert Andrews believes Satan has done just that.

Our authority must be the Scriptures in all matters of faith and practice. Our idea of truth must not be shaped by what abuses we have seen, by what we think is reasonable or by what feels good to us, but by the Bible. The Holy Spirit is not presented there as a second class member of the Godhead whose activity leads to uncontrolled craziness and therefore must be feared by God’s people. What the Scriptures do teach concerning the Holy Spirit and how He relates to His church is the theme of this book.

Robert believes that both Pentecostals and cessationists (those who believe that spiritual gifts have ceased) have valid points and concerns and both sides need to be open to learn from one another. He at-tempts to prove his case in this book.  


5. Sanctification – Experiencing Victory over Sin

What does God expect of me as a Christian? When I find out what He expects, how can I find the power to do it? What are the results when I fail to do so?     How can I mature in my faith in Jesus Christ?

Every earnest Christian asks these questions. At issue is what theologians call “sanctification.” Sanctification is progressively realizing salvation from sin—not only being saved and on my way to heaven, but actually experiencing, in this life, Paul’s powerful statement in Romans 6:14—“For sin shall not have dominion over you”!

In this little book, Robert Andrews takes the topic of sanctification out of the theology books and brings it right into the middle of practical, everyday life as a message of genuine hope. He demonstrates carefully and comprehensively from Scripture that the only prerequisite for experiencing one’s salvation from sin is recognizing and embracing with joy that we are, as Martin Luther said, “simultaneously saint and sinner.”  


6. The Scandalous Gospel of the Grace of God

Jesus came to earth announcing His Father’s love and unconditional forgiveness. There was nothing for His listeners to do to obtain God’s forgiveness—no commitment to make, no new leaves to turn over and no vows to “never do it again.” God’s forgiveness was absolutely free.

The rub was, and still is, that those who don’t know they are sick don’t know they need a physician. Jesus’ message was not well received by the religious establishment. They were so angry that Jesus would dare to say that God’s forgiveness was completely free that they killed him. They killed Him just because He wanted to forgive their sin, sin they could not see, and they would not have it!

The reaction to the proclamation of the unconditional forgiveness of God by grace alone (just because He wants to!) is the same today, primarily among the religious establishment just as in the 1st century. Cries of “antinomianism” (against the law), “license,” “negativity,” “and “passivity” can be heard wherever the true gospel is preached. In this book Robert Andrews explores what it is that makes the religious so uncomfortable and why this angry reaction occurs when a no-strings-attached forgiveness is proclaimed. What is “the scandalous gospel” and how can we experience it--the gospel that is truly the “power of God unto salvation?” Join Robert for a look.  

All Robert’s books are available for purchase at  Amazon at: All Robert’s books are available for purchase at  Amazon at:

Or you may purchase them directly from Robert at

Betsy  Cullen

Betsy has produced a number of DVDs in teaching others to play golf.

When she gets the information and pictures together they will be listed here.

If she doesn't provide the information on all that she has produced (and there are many) then your web master is likely to call her sister Ann and tell her some stories about my old business partner Betsy, some of which might be true.

This is a book for those who have decided it is time to learn what the Bible says.

Being an e-Book it is intended only to be used on a computer.

Published some years ago, it has now been substantially updated from the version
the publisher has been selling.
It is the result of 30+ years of study.

Its character is:
bulletIt is an intellectuals approach to the Bible.
bulletIt does not have a denominational bent.
bulletIts information and references are almost all based on the contents of the Bible alone.
bulletIts primary sources are a King James Version and Dr. Strong's Concordance.
bulletIt has thousands of notes placed immediately beneath the verses.
bulletIt explains words, Hebraisms, and figures of speech.
bulletOld English words or spellings are replaced with words we use today.

Its greatest benefit by far is the many hundreds of hyperlinks that enable a person to go to a significantly related verse in an instant and return in another instant.

It is intended to only be used on a computer.
That is what enables extremely fast learning.

It is in the common pdf format which makes it easy to use.

It contains special analyses and illustrations.

It also includes a day by day analysis of the date Jesus was born on September 29, 4 B.C..

It can be used to quickly find verses for which you only remember a part of it.

Or you can look up subjects for which the words we use today were not in the original translation.


For all classmates it available for free by just sending a note requesting it at

Use it at least two hours and then you will know its unique value.





This book written by classmate Barry Epperson in collaboration with Bob Burke is a biography of a most notable fellow graduate of Tulsa Central, W. French Anderson. You will find Mr. Anderson on page 42 of your 1954 Tom Tom.

This man, W. French Anderson has a string of successes that are as wide and as varied as you will likely ever come across. 

Mr. Burke is from a most favorite part of Oklahoma, the southeast where the lovely pine covered low mountains are and the crystal clear Mountain Fork River winds through. He became a national sportscaster and Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce. He hails from his home in Broken Bow.

But the most remarkable aspect about this book is that Mr. Epperson and Mr. Burke were able to discuss and describe some of the most complicated and intricate of subjects. These cover a very wide range of complex subjects, not just the human genome and gene therapy.

It must have taken Messrs Epperson and Burke an extreme amount of study
just to write about the accomplishments of Mr. Anderson.

But they did, and made it interesting as well.

And some of the accomplishments which were done by Mr. Anderson are notable beyond that for which he will always be famous for; the father of gene therapy. To put this in perspective, just before writing this there was received an article from R & D Daily telling of the likelihood of blindness being cured with gene therapy.


The book tells of his time at Central, his time on the track team under Coach Bill Lantz where the team won the Oklahoma Class A championship. He also devised a system to do arithmetic calculation in Roman Numerals.

Without over dramatizing the great significance, the authors tell the story of the pivotal speaking by Dr. Bernard D. Davis at just the crucial time. Without his support on that particular day, gene therapy might have stopped or slowed substantially. It mentions the very high quality of staffing he had put together and the two authors lightly mention the staff in a short time doing an incredible Fourier analysis that was critical and in my view an amazingly difficult task

Barry Epperson

That we had someone in our class smart enough not only to write this biography but able tell of the very complex scientific and regulatory morass traveled is something for which we can have admiration.

The book is available for purchase at


The following is a reader's review:

Gene therapy may hold the key to a brighter future for those born with a deadly disease.
Dr. Anderson has spent nearly 30 years developing procedures to carry out human gene therapy--
replacing a defective gene with a healthy gene.
In 1990 Anderson performed the first government-approved gene transfer on a 4-year-old Ohio girl.
The transfer was a success. This is the story of Anderson's life and how,
as a senior at Harvard University, he developed the concept for this type of treatment.
The authors take an extremely complicated subject and provide the reader with complete understanding.
A must read for all!


This book is written by our classmate Colleen Lear Hosford, 
who has been writing personal letters filled with anecdote, 
examples of faith and a general sense of inspiration for years. 

Now she has decided to pull them together in 
"Shared Messages: Inspired by Christmas and Life" in the hopes that
she will bring renewed faith and a deeper understanding to everyone 
who reads and enjoys her inspirational messages.


The first half of the book speaks to everyday life 
and memories relating to Christmas. 

She includes a beautiful collection of inspiring letters and poems of life's experiences. 
Christmas is the perfect time to read her book.

I read it almost half way through in one evening and found it pleasurable reading. 
One piece called "The Garden of Life" I found to be most enjoyable.

She also has a nice web site you may want to see.  Click here

Her book can be obtained on line as a hard cover book, soft cover book and as an e-Book.
It is available for purchase at, or Barnes & Noble, as well as through 
the publisher

bulletSize: 108 pages
bulletPublisher: WestBowPress (August 20, 2013)
bulletLanguage: English
bulletISBN-10: 1490805222
bulletISBN-13: 978-1490805221