Classmate Recognition

This section contains pages on our classmates achievements
In each category, listings are presented in the order 
someone has suggested them to the web master.
Space is then allocated and when the material comes in it is added at the space set aside for them.

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When I first thought of this section it was based on the idea that in our class
there must have been some whose life pursuits was worthy of recognition.
That there were so many and who had accomplished so much exceeds
whatever the original thought was.

Now as more is learned about our classmates, new obstacles arise.
The first is that we have a lot of humble people in our class
and it is difficult to get them to open up and provide the information so it can be posted here.
This task has not been easy and whatever you read here has not come without effort
in extracting the information so you can see it.

The second problem is that as more classmates tell of someone else
whose life accomplishments need to be included, it is likely that the time will come
when this writer does not have the time to place them here.
When or if that time comes, it is hoped that you will not assign some motivation
as to why the information is not yet listed, but recognize that
there is only so much time that can be given to updating your web site.